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Water-based sprayer with high reflective effect. It is invisible in daylight, but it has the ability to reflect light when it is illuminated directly at night, increasing the visibility and safety of people. CeraBike LightOn is a product for all types of athletes and people who carry out open air activities with low levels of lighting, such as cyclists, runners, skaters, hikers, mountaineers, fishermen, etc., making them highly visible with a simple spray of the product.

As it is water based, it is applicable on almost any surface such as textiles, plastics, wood, cement, etc. creating a surface that has the ability to reflect the maximum level of light. It is easily removed by washing the material on which it has been applied. Likewise, it does not alter the appearance and quality of the materials on which it is applied. It does not create a layer, so it can be applied on technical fabrics. When sprayed, the use of highly flammable products such as those used in aerosols(butane, propane, etc.) and which are highly polluting, is avoided. It also allows the application of the product to be more effective, without the possibility of wasting product when performing the application. CeraBike LightOn, is a safe product that can be applied both outdoors and indoors as it does not contain toxic products and is totally odourless.


VAT included


    • Currently sold in 100 ml containers.
    • For larger capacity containers, please request a quote through the form provided for this purpose in "Contact".
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